Clifford Rosen: Creative Director

Clifford has more than 25 years' experience in creating and delivering campaigns in many business sectors, most notably property, retail, sport, music, travel, financial and leisure.

Clifford takes specific pride in creating innovative brand solutions for entrepreneurial-minded businesses that encapsulates their values and ethos.

Goods ideas are at the core of Clifford's approach to connecting clients with their customers.

Brian Hemingway: Brand / Marketing Communication

Brian has an honours degree in Economics from London University and a 12 year career in marketing, most notably with Elizabeth Arden and Wilson Sporting Goods as UK Marketing Manager.

Brian identified the need for marketing services companies to have a better understanding of their client business and their communications objectives. He set up his own company and since then has worked with many companies including BP, Serco, Bouygues, Barclays, Whirlpool, Virgin, Accenture, L'Oreal and Bain & Company and projects such as the launch of the BAR F1 Team.

Sophie Walpole: Digital Marketing Consultant

Sophie is an experienced digital manager marketeer and content editor. She set up Channel 4's first commercial website in 1996 and then went on to become a Future Media Executive at the BBC, leading a range of major projects such as BBC Homepage, Search, Archive development, TV-related sites and the Film Network (in partnership with the UK Film Council).

Since leaving the BBC she has been a freelance consultant with clients including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Pearson plc and the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.

Timon Pratt: Chief Technical Officer

Timon spent more than 10 years in the Direct Marketing industry, working on the creative aspect of advertising campaigns, in both the Mac and PC environment.

When the internet took off Timon quickly saw the creative and business impact it was going to have and with existing knowledge of cross platform communications it was an obvious environment to get involved with.

His experience covers all aspects of multimedia solutions, website design and build, hosting and management, SEO and social media integration, e-marketing and e-commerce.

Equity Development -
Website Design / Database Management and Support

Equity Development was launched in 1996 as the first regulated provider of independent equity research in the UK.

We designed and built a new website which initiated the development of the content management system and other areas of operation. This project included market share figures and graphs being fed in from third party data for each listed company.

The website database was also integrated and synchronised with cloud computing data which had previously operated separately, thus unifying the client base across the various platforms.

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The Naval and Military Club ('The In & Out') -
Brand Review / Corporate Identity / Website Design / CMS Management / Smartphone Development

The In & Out is a long established members' club on St James's Square. We were asked to develop their corporate identity to ensure it worked digitally. This work subsequently led to producing a new branded website.

The new website design required new photography and the introduction of an entirely customised Content Management System to cater for the many requirements of the Club's website - including the Club's facilities, accommodation, Club events, menus and reciprocal clubs around the globe.

We continue to host, maintain and provide technical support.

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Serco -
Brand Review / Marketing communication / Video

We were asked by Serco to work with managing consultants, CSQ, to help develop the communications plan to implement their Brand position for their training business.

As part of that project we produced a film to deliver the key messages of this project in an interesting, compelling and persuasive manner as there were multiple audiences, each with different perspectives.

Serco straw-tested the film's key message with key staff with great results. The film is now an important part of Serco's ability to position themselves effectively with their key target audiences.
Whirlpool -
Brand Communication

Whirlpool had successfully re-branded itself in Europe with the 'Just Imagine' campaign and the USA planned to introduce the same campaign.

We made a series of Brand promise films to support this introduction both in the UK and USA.

The videos were seen by the whole company as an introduction to the new TV commercials. We used the £6 million production of the commercials to give an interesting and exciting visual support to this announcement. This creative approach acted as a a teaser to the TV commercials themselves.

In addition we produced a trade launch to the 'Just Imagine' campaign in Chicago.
Rival -
TV Commercials

We produced three 20 second TV commercials: Crockpot Slow Cooker, Rival Ice Cream Maker and Rival Food Blender.

All three commercials demonstrated the ease of use and the quality of the appliances.

The creative approach was to see the appliances in a light hearted action sequence in a typical kitchen environment which would resonate with our target market of female 30+ with children and who might still work. We concentrated on the functionality of the products with a voice-over off camera.

Creative Design -
If you want new ideas, stop doing the old ones
We create ideas that get noticed and make you look interesting and distinctive so your brand stands out from the crowd.

Marketing Communication -
You don't get a second chance to make a first impression
We help you talk to the right people at the right time in a language they understand.

Digital Strategy -
Measure twice, cut once
We develop strategies and technical solutions that are suitable for your business. However, with UK smartphone penetration predicted to reach 75% and tablets 50% in 2014, the possibilities for your business are vast. We guide you to make the right choices.

Video / CGI -
Delivering the most amount of information in the shortest period of time
In just a few minutes, a video can distil your message into a highly a memorable and entertaining experience. Effective campaigns via smartphones and other devices make videos increasingly important to e-commerce and brand communication. Audiences engage more happily and effectively with video than the written word.

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